saturday - kansas day 1

on alex: h&m dress, urban outfitters sandals, vintage ferragamo purse. on me: h&m dress, grandma's clutch

alex and i finally got to kansas for my sisters graduation after the worst day of traveling we've ever experienced. we almost missed our flight on friday morning, but then luckily found out it was delayed, and then delayed again, and again. so we decided to sleep at the gate. when we woke up over two hours later, everything was gone and it turned out our flight was cancelled because the plane was broken. we got put on another flight way later that night and got taxi vouchers to go back into the city for the day. so we went home and slept and got subway and pinkberry, before heading back to the airport.

tomorrow is the graduation ceremony & party, then we're driving to wisconsin on monday. then comes our road trip! :)