thursday - saturdays surf & 20 page essays

i stopped into saturdays surf nyc the other day to visit my friend who works there. they've got a very cool japan relief shirt right now that i almost got, but decided on a tank top instead. anyway, in front there's a simple little coffee shop, then further back is the surf/apparel shop, and in back is a really cool garden area to hang out in! which is where i took this photo. the whole place was really picture-perfect and i bet would be amazing at night too. i'd never been there before, even though i live really close to it.

anyway, i was going to save this photo for another post, but i am in the middle of writing a 20 page essay about my internship, so i needed a break.

i've got two final projects due today & a final party. i'm more than ready to get this school year over with and start the summer! in a week i fly out to kansas to go to my sister's graduation, and then i'm road tripping through the midwest for a week or so. i can't complain about new york, but i can't wait to take photos somewhere outside of the city :)