tuesday - apartment photos

i was kind of inspired by the coveteur while taking these photos.

and here's a description for each one :)
1. my bed, with my new phone. these white sheets are getting way too dirty.
2. the last magazine with dried roses.
3. some polaroids.
4. this cup is the only remaining cup in a glass set i found at a thrift store near my cabin. the rest broke on the way to new york. next to it is a gold wallet that was my grandma's, and some flower clips from h&m on top of a polaroid of mike.
5. the owl on the left was my sister's that i took, and the one on the right is one i made. the statue of diana is something i got in greece when i was about 10, and somehow have kept ever since. i almost sold it in a garage sale, but then decided to keep it at the last minute.
6. i found this owl at the same thrift store that i got the glass cup at. it also broke on the way to new york but i superglued it back together. and i don't love many things more than those sunglasses.
7. these are the books on my nightstand, which include my planner, notebook, an art journal thing, and catcher in the rye, which was my moms from back in the day.
8. my favorite rag & bone shoes that alex gave me for my birthday. they might need a cleaning.
9. my chinatown fake raybans, along with an owl lamp that was my grandma's.
10. drew's framed golden girls photo with my sequin blazer.
11. the buddha statue greg brought from india for me, with a wooden peacock behind it, which maanasa got from india for me.
12. the two shoes i probably wear most. allsaints boots on the left and gola sneakers on the right.