urban outfitters tank, american apparel shorts

i realized i haven't posted in a week! i went to the opening ceremony sample sale on thursday which was a success, everything was 80% off so i got some great boots for really cheap! then I went to the hamptons for the weekend with some friends, which wasn't as much of a success. it was raining all weekend. and i brought all my cameras but no memory cards. i've been shooting film a little bit too so i'll post those when i develop them. i was sick on monday which was annoying cuz the weather was beautiful. also, my phone was stolen in the hamptons so that was no fun. luckily i had an upgrade available so a new phone wouldn't be $500, and i got a white iphone this morning.

alex comes back from france tomorrow so we'll post photos from her trip in the next few days!

also, check out this vid that was released today. perfect summer song!