made it to paris

i made it to paris! i almost made it without forgetting anything, but i forgot my leather jacket. luckily alex is coming to visit for her birthday in a few weeks! so she'll bring it then. somehow i fell asleep immediately on the plane (after the food) and just passed out until we were landing. it felt like a 30 minute flight rather than a 7 hour one.
yesterday i got all settled into the apartment. i'm living with jake and alanna, my friends from new york. we found a cute place in the 6th. i haven't explored too much yet but i know there's a boulangerie patisserie right across the street so i'm satisfied so far. actually today i walked from the champs elysees back to our apartment so i could explore a little and take a few pics. i also picked up the september issue of french vogue and it came with a really cool fashion's night out tee.

anyway, we're off to dinner! i'll post more pics as i take them!