test shoots, melon, and prosciutto

yesterday i had class then explored around boulevard st germain some more, and then realized i had a voicemail on my little french phone. it took me about 6 years to figure out how to check it, and then i was forced to set up a voicemail greeting or something, and then i finally got to the message. i couldn't figure out who it was, or who i'd given my number to. so i called back and it was ford models europe—i totally forgot i'd emailed them last week about doing test shoots of their models, since i got my class schedule and i actually randomly have a ton of free time. they wanted me to stop by, so i went to their office in the 2eme and met with a few people and now i'm going to be doing some test shoots of their girls soon!
i'm shooting one girl tomorrow, can't wait!

on the way home i grabbed some melon and prosciutto at a market.
so good.