mercredi - fixing my shoes

back in new york i got these two pairs of awesome shoes from a vintage store on 3rd ave. one pair of loafers and one pair of men's black dress shoes. i was loving them until the soles fell off of both! which makes me skeptical of the store where i bought them… but anyway, i was too busy to get them fixed in new york so i've been trying to figure out what to do and finally i stopped into a shoe repair store today by school and they told me where to find some glue. it was actually at this really cute marché right on the other side of school. it was mainly a food market but had a store with a bunch of random things like shoe glue and lightbulbs and stuff. i also stopped by the cheese man at the marché and browsed a little and he gave me little tastes of a few cheeses, cuz i couldn't decide between the gruyere, comté, or the emental. the gruyere was the best but also expensive so i went in the middle with the comté, which is amazing anyway.

i just glued my shoes back together and figured the best way to make sure the front bonded was to put them in the heater thing by the window.
hopefully they'll be back in action soon!!

also, i've been going through old photos and found this one of mike that i never edited or even looked at really. it was from the day we tried to go to the met for the mcqueen exhibit but it was already full by the time we got there :(

also! i updated my website a little bit… check it out here! >>