leaving paris

my goal for these three weeks in paris was to take a lot of pics. i don't think i took enough, but i definitely got a few good ones that i really like. i did a shoot with a girl from ford models the other day that i'm really excited about, and i'll post as soon as i get a chance to edit.
during this trip i made pancakes almost daily and became really amazing at it, i read mindy kaling(kelly kapoor from the office)'s new book which was really great and made me laugh alone (which i never do and hate doing), i dj'd a lot with jeremie, we ate a lot of clementines, drank a lot of coffee, and watched a lot of movies. quality vacation. i am well rested. now i'm back in new york and it's great to be back. i'm heading to vegas tomorrow for vogue, then back here and starting classes and work next week! and fashion month is beginning… eek! i am actually really excited.