just got these pants from madewell for their denim tour collab and decided to pair them with alex's new madewell denim shirt that she's had her eye on for a while…the pants are amazing and long enough for me, which i rarely find. i also dug my rag and bone wedges out from the dust and have been wearing them too much since the weather is so beautiful!

i'm looking for new dresses lately so if anyone has some suggestions send them my way! i'm heading to cannes film festival next month with jeremie and need to spruce up my wardrobe, and i've been djing every friday night at boom boom room and am slowly but surely running out of dresses… there was a rag and bone one i saw recently and loved but that's only a dream for now, and the salesgirl and i are dreaming that maybe it will come out in black instead of white.

wednesday is also my birthday and i still haven't asked anyone for anything, i need a few gift ideas. i was considering an ipad, but do people actually use them as much as they want to? i can't see myself using one for anything other than angrybirds…

on me: Madewell shirt and pants, Rag & Bone wedges, Alex's Vintage Ralph Lauren sunglasses & Alexander Wang bag
On Alex: LF dress, Alexander Wang bag, Acne boots