linda rodin for the raw book

A few months back I got the opportunity to shoot Linda Rodin in her apartment for the print edition of the raw book, and these are three of the photos from the shoot. Usually there are so many crazy coincidences in the world that I have a hard time being truly amazed by them, but this shoot had an especially strange oneā€¦ I showed up with my camera in my bag and pulled out a thin white sheet while telling Linda and Alicia that I just started using a white sheet on my shoots to reflect light, and Linda bent down right where she was standing and picked up a black and white framed photo that was leaning in a pile next to her feet. It was from 30 or more years ago in her modeling days, and in it she stood with her favorite photographer and friend, who was holding a white sheet in his arm for the same reason, which was apparently all he ever used as gear. Kind of interestingā€¦