fashion week ended :(

these window stickers are everywhere. i love the simple look/font.

although i didn't get to go to any shows, i hit up some parties and met some fun people. maybe by next year i'll have some way to get seats at shows :)

on another note, for some reason i'm really looking forward to the movie the social network. if you haven't seen the trailer, watch it here. i think it's one of the best made trailers in a long time. the beginning with the screenshots of facebook doesn't do much for me, but the footage and everything after that is amazing. i never even go see movies, but i'm totally gonna see this one when it comes out. maybe it's just the fascination i have with the internet and all that it's done. and the fact that i hate facebook now with a burning passion. i loved it when it started out, but now it's just ridiculous. and the movie looks dramatic and the actor reminds me of michael cera and harvard looks cool. i wonder if it's actually like that… its supposed to be 2003 in the movie, so do you really think that in 2003 (or now) that's what harvard is like? guys sitting around in their cool jackets smoking cigars in the library? hmmm.

british vogue

yesterday i was running about 5/10 minutes late for class, and as i left my apartment i saw the campus bus and almost took it, but decided to walk. luckily i didn't take the bus, because when i was walking up the street, a woman stopped me and asked if she could take my picture for british vogue street style! so she took a couple of pics and a little interview (recording video with her 5D which made me want one even more). but they should be up on the site sometime soon, which i will post a link to, and shes gonna email me the pic later :)
and somehow i didn't end up late for class…

west village

today billy and i explored the west village a little bit. we mainly went to check out the marc jacobs store, but then stumbled upon magnolia bakery. i was under the impression the cupcakes were $1.75. but apparently the red velvet was $3.25… i could have bought a dumpling with that extra $1.50 i was not planning on spending! guess i will starve.

billy dancing in the street

he bought milk to go along with my cupcake, which was delicious.

tank top: h&m
jeans: citizens of humanity
shoes: sam edelman

all settled in

i've pretty much got everything organized in my apartment now.
i found a whole foods close to my house and did some shopping today.
classes don't start until tuesday, so i've got almost a week to do whatever i want.
i'm meeting up tonight with a friend that i met in milwaukee last summer while working for 4pm magazine.

i'm trying to plan a day to go to jersey next week so my tan won't fade!!!!!
until then, i will slowly become more pale…

:) :)