springtime - 2/18

the weather has been amazinggg so i was walking home from school yesterday rather than taking the subway or bus, and of course that means i pass by all the stores, and stopped into h&m. i saw the movie blue valentine, and in it, michelle williams wore a really cute babydoll dress sort of thing (i think that's what the style is called) and it made me really want one. so of course what do i find, but a perfect one at h&m! along with a maxi skirt, a jacket on sale, and a soft buttondown.

billy and i ventured down into the financial district today and found a cute park to take some photos in :)

coat: h&m
dress: h&m
shoes: sam edelman
bag: billy's

trying out scarves…

it's getting cold but i don't wanna cramp my style with winter coats yet. so i decided i should try out a scarf.
i found this one in the coat closet at home in wisconsin and took it with me. i really like the design on it. no idea where it came from.

click on the black and white pic for a larger view and look at the cool pattern on the scarf!

it's hard to see my outfit but i'm wearing the gray sparkle & fade sweater that i wore here. my blazer is mm couture (and is really warm), levi shorts, and topman boots.

west village

today billy and i explored the west village a little bit. we mainly went to check out the marc jacobs store, but then stumbled upon magnolia bakery. i was under the impression the cupcakes were $1.75. but apparently the red velvet was $3.25… i could have bought a dumpling with that extra $1.50 i was not planning on spending! guess i will starve.

billy dancing in the street

he bought milk to go along with my cupcake, which was delicious.

tank top: h&m
jeans: citizens of humanity
shoes: sam edelman

my new lookbook look :)

billy and i went shopping today and i found this beauty of a shirt on sale at banana republic.

and billy got this sweater for 10 dollars. i'm making him let me borrow it.